DOUGH’s Grand Opening

We had our official grand opening yesterday (February 12). It was a whirlwind of pizzas, pastries and paella—and for those of us hustling and bustling—there was definitely some coffee involved. But most of all, it was just so exciting to see Chef Brian’s vision come to fruition.

We were humbled by the support of our community, from our North Asheville neighbors to the folks from the Asheville Chamber who facilitated the ribbon cutting (yes, those are actual working scissors):

DOUGH Ribbon Cutting

DOUGH Ribbon Cutting

You can ditch the drive-bys, peek-ins and false hope. We are open for business! Monday through Saturday, 8am-8pm. We look forward to feeding you soon:)


Just Add Food.

It’s exciting to see everything come together. Signs have been hung. Tables, chairs and counters accounted for. Just waiting for our ship(ments) to come in. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at what DOUGH looks like… minus the actual dough.

image_1 image_3 dough market asheville

dough cooking classes

Choosing Our Coffee


This week we got to go to Counter Culture‘s Asheville training center for a coffee tasting to decide which coffees we will brew in-store. We learned about single origins vs. blends and that coffee actually has a fruit called the coffee cherry:



We tasted until I couldn’t blink (probably shouldn’t have had two cups of coffee that morning), and decided on a regular and decaf:


A first of its kind – a single-variety coffee, dedicated to Bourbon (pronounced bur-BONE), the king of the heirloom coffee varieties. Connoisseurs treasure the Bourbon variety for its deep, buttery chocolate and coffee flavor, its unique sweetness, and its gentle fruit overtones.




farmhouse-decafDecaf farmhouse is based on two simple ideas: that coffees are best at the peak of their season and that decaffeinated coffees can be exceptional. Like all produce, coffee changes over the course of the year: farmhouse is our home for the standout coffees that emerge as seasons change. All this attention to freshness results in decaf that is spectacularly sweet, complex and satisfying, and is fully the equal of any caffeinated coffee.



We love Counter Culture’s commitment to sustainability and their focus on freshness and seasonality. We’re so excited to bring you these coffees and look forward to your feedback. If you’re in Asheville, you should check out Counter Culture‘s free cuppings every Friday morning at 10am.