The Buzz About All-Natural Honeycomb

We now proudly carry all-natural honeycomb from Savannah Bee Company. Kosher and 100 percent edible, this sweet delicacy makes a special addition to any meal and will be the hit of your next cocktail party.


What makes it so special? First, it’s made in very small quantities, so you won’t find this on every grocer’s shelf. It also happens to be the healthiest form of honey around–since it’s unpasteurized, beneficial elements like amino acids and antibiotic-packed bee pollen remain intact as nature intended. Honeybees fill each cell with their sweet nectar and then Savannah Bee handcuts each square straight from the hive. (Each cell is a life’s worth of work from two honeybees!)



5 Ways to Enjoy Raw Honeycomb

1. With Cheese. A Chevre or blue cheese work especially well!

2. With Bread. Simply slice up a fresh baguette and serve.

3. With Fruit. The same fruits you love with cheese also taste good with honeycomb: green apples, figs.

4. ¬†With Ice Cream. Add chopped honeycomb to your favorite flavor–pairs nicely with a fruit ice cream or peanut butter.

5. With a Spoon! Honeycomb tastes great on its own. You can spoon off a small chunk and suck on it like candy.

For your next party, try serving a plate with a couple of cheeses, crusty bread and some fruit so your guests can try them all, mixing and matching. It is seasonal, so get while you can!